The work in a kitchen begins well before starting cooking: it takes passion and patience to carefully select fresh ingredients and the best local produce. “Dal Sor Francesco” restaurant is famous for the meticulous attention paid to every single ingredient, always chosen for its high quality. This is our selection of local suppliers who produce the best that our territory and tradition offer.

Extra virgin olive oil – Tamia

Four varieties of extra virgin olive oil, all organic and DOP Tuscia certified, characterized by different combinations of aromatic notes such as freshly cut grass, artichoke, green tomato, mint, chicory, almond, basil or green apple.

Canadian Bison – Selecta spa

Bisons are farmed free-range in Canada’s vast pastures. Their red meat – high in nutritional value – is extremely lean and it has a distinctive, rich flavour.

Spanish cured meats (pata negra, serrano, morcón…) – Selecta spa

A vast selection of Spanish cured meats, considered the best in the world.

Green Rabbit leprino – Consorzio coniglio verde leprino Viterbo

Product of excellence of the Tuscia area, the Green Rabbit Leprino is the only breed selected for free range farming. The Consorzio Coniglio Verde Leprino di Viterbo perfectly reproduces the natural habitat of this animal, thus integrating it into the territory..

La fassona piemontese – Jolanda de Colo’ spa

A white coat, well developed thigh muscles and a particular type of subcutaneous fat: these are the main characteristics of this important bovine breed, whose meat has a very low cholesterol level.

La manzetta prussiana – Jolanda de Colo’ spa

The Manzetta Prussiana is a registered trademark of Jolanda de Colò and it applies to heifers less than 30 months old that carry a slightly thick fat that, when cooked, gives the meat a special tenderness and intense taste. Our supply comes from the North of Poland, at the border with Germany, where the heifers are fed and bred with the utmost care.

Cardoncelli Mushrooms – Nicola Pacella Az. Agr. Amicone

The farm is located in an environmentally protected area, with such pedoclimatic conditions that make it ideal for the growth and development of mushrooms. Advanced reproductive techniques, developed by national and international research centres, allowed the selection of the superior quality Pleurotus Eryngii (Cardoncelli) family.

Porcini Mushrooms – Cimina Funghi snc 

This firm, based in Ronciglione (VT) and specialized in selling mushrooms, is a guarantee of freshness and quality.

White Truffle – Cose di Macchia Az. Agr.

Our supplier, based in Bassano Romano (VT), has been awarded the prize for agricultural innovation by Coldiretti and it is specialized in truffles.

Legumes – Az. Agr. Marco Camilli

Thanks to the quality and characteristics of the local soil, farming legumes in Tuscia boasts a long tradition. Chickpeas, spelt, lentils and beans are just some of the pulses – all organic – we purchase from this supplier.

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